The Legends London Maximum Hold Hair Gel

The Legends of London Hair Gel

I first came across The Legends when I wrote a review of the West Shave Club monthly subscription service. Including in my package was a pack of The Legends alum matches which you use for dealing with nicks and cuts you may give yourself while shaving. I was very impressed by this product so was delighted when asked if I’d like to give its Maximum Hold Hair Gel a go.

Everything The Legends does has a slightly retro theme and the hair gel is no different. The packaging and type face all hark back to an earlier era.

It comes in an impressively-sized 220ml tub. This is quite a bit larger than your average tub of hair gel although at £10 a tub, it’s actually very reasonably priced (a quick look at The Legends website reveals that a 40ml travel-sized tub is also available for £1.70).

I noticed that “parfum” was in the list of ingredients, but it is very subtle. Unlike some products I could mention, you don’t need to worry about it clashing with your after shave.

So how does it perform? I have to say the first time I used the gel I gave it a very unfair test. I styled my hair and then spent an incredibly windy afternoon in Brighton, much of it on the beach.

To be fair, no hair product would have survived these conditions unscathed. My hair was indeed ruffled but I was impressed at how much of it was still in place after my time at the seaside.

I used it again on subsequent days when I wasn’t doing anything quite so testing. My hair stayed in placed from early morning to bed time.

The Legends Maximum Hold Hair Gel is free from alcohol. It also uses a polymer to give it style memory and is very easily washed out of the hair. The Legends go to great lengths to stress its hair gel doesn’t cause flaking. I certainly I didn’t experience any.

I was very happy with this product. I would certainly consider using it again. If you’re interested you can buy it direct from The Legends website:

It’s probably worth providing a quick bit of background about The Legends. The company’s “mother ship” is a barber’s shop in Central London. In addition to haircuts, it also offers wet shaving, scalp massages and beard and moustache trimming. The company has branched out to sell its alum matches and hair gel to retail both is hair gel and alum matches stating that it is; “dedicated to sourcing, producing and distributing the finest male grooming products for customers who refuse to compromise”.

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